Don Giovanni

"Don Giovanni" the title of the artwork is also the title of one of W.A. Mozart's most famous operas. Don Giovanni is a Casanova, a seducer who loves all women.

In nature, here in the bird world, the seduction, the courtship of the males for the females is wonderful to observe. The males wear the most magnificent plumage, in the most glorious colours, sing virtuously - to impress, the peacock does its fantastic cartwheel.

The images of birds, their magnificent plumage inspired this.

The red of the feathers in the foreground of "Don Giovanni" symbolises at the same time passion, love, but also death - to die for love or also, the belief of having to die of love.

It is painted and composed with digital techniques and consists of a multitude of superimposed and respectively processed layers, which together create the colourful, radiant whole.

(The painting belongs to a series of paintings, the “L'opera series”).

Don Giovanni

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Material: Acrylglass 

Extreme colour brilliance & sharpness - screen-free 8C fine-art print - diamond-polished edges - invisible full-aluminium suspension - gentle on the wall thanks to felt pads on the back. The acrylic glass gives the picture depth. The intended light-reflecting pane has reflective, diamond-polished glass edges.
Year: 2022
Technique: Digitalcomposition, Digitalpainting, Mixed media
Limited Edition of 30 + 3 AP
Signed with Certificate

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Size: 101 cm x 79 cm x 3mm