La Jouissance_ Du Chant des Oiseaux

“La jouissance” is a symphony of colours when the curved and more sinuous lines are read like a musical score. Colour is the sign, a fundamental element in the perception of the image as it leads the human eye to experience different sensations. As a result of the artist's reminiscence and love of music, the colours follow the musical notes. Warm and cold colours, always held with soft lines, represent the sequences, with a crescendo towards the centre of the painting. Here we find ourselves in a crescendo of rhythm, tension and colours. The figures complement the background, forming an inseparable whole, conveying the positivity of activity. Anke Riemenschneider manages to make the two worlds of art and music coexist by creating a dynamic and swirling sequence, poised between reality and fantasy.

(The painting belongs to a series of paintings, the “L'opera series”)

La Jouissance_ Du Chant des Oiseaux

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116 cm x 79 cm x 3mm   

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Material: Acryglass 
Extreme colour brilliance & sharpness - screen-free 8C fine-art print - diamond-polished edges - invisible full-aluminium suspension - gentle on the wall thanks to 

felt pads on the back. 

The acrylic glass gives the picture depth. The intended light-reflecting pane has reflective, diamond-polished glass edges.

Year: 2022
Technique: Digitalcomposition, Digitalpainting, Mixed media

Limited Edition of 5 + 3 AP

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