German Artist Anke Riemenschneider, now living in

Switzerland, has an unique style in creating artworks that reflects her passions and diverse interests. Passionate and erudite about piano and poems, she manages to incorporate these elements into her artistic creation.

We thus see a new modern language in a dialogue with the history of art, music and poetry. Her works occur not only in physical space but also in linguistic space. Her visual poems aim to render the word materially with the help of images.


Combining and experimenting with visual art, words, and sounds, her artworks are unique and digital art plays a primary role. Through her works and manipulations, we are transported into a fantastic, decontextualized and deconstructed world where the value of manipulation has consequently gaining momentum.

This exclusive style and the continuous research from different art forms have made the artistic pursuit of Anke, one of a kind. 

Art Curator Giulia Fontanesi August 2023 (M.A.D.S. Art Gallery international)


"Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul." 
(Oscar Wilde) 

Anke Riemenschneider, artist, pianist, short story writer and poet, creates works of art that touch on all of these different fields and result in very personal and original compositions. With the advent of new painting media, such as digital painting and new video art materials, Anke Riemenschneider has extended her experimentation to visual art. Word and sound contribute to the creation of thimble works that become the focus of her art. If they were previously thought of as independent media and art in their own right, they have become essential, complementary traits in the creation of works of art. Writing, music and art, together as a method of working, investigating and creating works with different artistic mediums. Anke's artistic life influences the conception of a work as an expressive and experiential place, where feelings and stories of a life can be found. We are confronted with an explosion of life and material. The use of music as a means of externalizing one's creativity guides the colours on the canvas, expressing strength and emotions, to which is added a particular emotional charge as Anke is interested in psychology and the motions of the psyche. The musical notes become an extension of the motions of the psyche and help give the paintings a strong emotional and experiential charge. Music as a cure for the human soul, only finds order in the apparent chaos of notes and the melodies they produce, Music, soul and life in paintings through the matter that shapes our existence. Colour, light and psychic automatism; these are the components of the artist's abstraction. It seems that the artist reflects a lot on the concept of form as an expression of interiority, of his deepest emotions. Art must therefore stimulate different sensations and emotions in the viewer's soul, it is the achievement of a melodic and harmonious composition, dense with meaning. 
 Art Curator Giulia Fontanesi 
                                                           (June 2022)

Art Curator  Valentina Maggiolo 
(May 2022)